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Urban Nature Trellis

Client Name: Cameron Construction
Industry: Entertainment
Location: Orlando
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Project Description

This project came to Springer Fabrication by Cameron Construction, a general contractor whom we share a long-standing relationship because of our proven track record on numerous difficult projects over the years. On several occasions, we collaborated to solve very complex problems in challenging environments, which was no easy task. At the end of the day, the folks at Cameron know that the Springer Fabrication team can be counted on to make it happen and that is the reason we were chosen for this project.


For this project, Cameron Construction hired Springer-Peterson for a client of theirs who had a wooden trellis on their property that had deteriorated over time and was unsafe for small children to be around. The client loved the look of the trellis but it was becoming aged. In addition, they were unsure if they could apply the stain and preservatives needed if they were to have a new one built. This is where the problem started.


Our Springer-Peterson Fabrication team quickly realized that the problem was that the trellis was made of wood and it was a must to come up with a creative solution. We started the brainstorming process and we thought about the question, “What if it was made of something else? “

Aluminum tubing cut and manipulated to look like wooden beams came to our minds. It was then that we went to work creating new wooden beams from measurements of the reminiscences of the old structure and started building the replica pieces one by one, adding the extra features needed for hidden fasteners and structural integrity. The edges were eased and some even distressed, With the help of some of our more artistic friends, we added a painted texture to the finished product to give it real authenticity.

An extraordinary challenge of this project was the task of replicating nature. This is always difficult and this situation was no different.

In the end, Cameron Construction and the client were satisfied with the result of their new trellis and extremely happy to have a maintenance-free addition to their property. They were pleased to have something that they enjoyed so much restored to the condition that they remembered it in. It was a win-win for everyone and we can’t wait to work with Cameron Construction again on another successful project.

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