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While the saying “jack of all trades, master of none.” May be truthfully said of one man we do not believe that to be true under one roof. We stand to serve a need for nearly all of the custom metal fabrication industries in central Florida. If your workplace includes the use of or is in any way supported by metal, and I would be surprised if it were not, then we most likely have a service or product that can be of use to you.



The entertainment industry is huge here in central Florida. Keeping everything safe and in good order is a daunting task. Located centrally between Orlando and Florida makes us the clear choice as a partner to look to for last minute repairs, repetitive maintenance items, safety compliance issues and property damage. When things aren’t hectic in the entertainment industry they are changing. Just kids at heart we welcome the challenge of creating an illusion. Hidden access panels and façade supports. Maybe a beverage cooler/trailer that looks like a canoe is what you need to complete the effect? Whatever it is we have years of experience in the Entertainment industry and are always looking forward to the next challenge.



Going hand in hand with Entertainment is Hospitality. It is only natural that the same people that broke the things at the amusement park owned by the person or persons we were speaking to above will be along shortly to break things at your hotel, if they are not then the delivery service, kitchen, of landscaping surely are. Repairs and replacement are easy and fast. With the use of CAD drawings and digital field reports we can get the information that we need about a fabricated item in one trip and return with a duplicate to install on the next causing minimum disturbances and downtime. Commercial kitchens are constant targets for health inspectors and rightfully so. We specialize in replacing and reconfiguring counters, shelves, cabinets and wall coverings as well as alterations to accommodate new equipment. When a Fabrication need arises that there is no of the shelf solution for Springer-Peterson Fabrication should be your first call to start down the road to a solution.



o In todays world there is no industry that can afford to overlook safety. We exercise the use of safety devices on daily basis to keep our employees safe in the performance of their duties. The safety industry and the need for expensive and difficult to install, difficult to harmonize safety equipment has exploded. Let us help you design a safety system that suits the needs of your facility. Maybe simply a guard rail and a gate that segregates the area to all but authorized trained employees with proper signage is the solution. It also may be a more complicated system of ladders, gangways and fixed position retractable lanyards. Don’t buy the farm if you only need a tractor. Let us know what your need is and we can design and install a system for you.


Plant Maintenance

Plant maintenance is a facet of our operation that few see but many appreciate. Groceries, pet food, dry goods, waste disposal, and goods manufacturing are staples of the central Florida area. Time is always of the essence in plant maintenance. Big jobs in a short amount of time with no regard to calendars or clocks is the norm in the plant maintenance world. If you are where the buck stops and have a complicated maintenance outage or project that you need professional, reliable help with then you need Springer-Peterson Fabrication. We have a reputation for getting it done. With mobile fabrication capabilities and backed by a shop that create almost anything we can and should be your 7/24 resource for plant repairs, welding and fabrications. (Emergency repair and plant services available by prior agreement only)


Health Care

o At the Epicenter of the health care research and world class treatment centers is the truly enormous logistical task of maintaining health care facilities. Support buildings, new roof top equipment, re configuration of space all require a contractor that is experienced with the requirements of AHCA,(Agency for Health Care Administration) and has been trained in ICRA (Infection Control Risk Assessment) procedure and guidelines. Springer-Peterson Fabrication is your hassle free answer. We can work with maintenance and planning engineers, hospital administrators and sub contractors to give you a turn key solution to the problem.


Institutions & Government

Institutions and Government installations are a sector where only the most professional will do. Offering Fabrication services to area school boards, department of corrections facilities, municipal offices, controlled port areas and other community support facilities is our pleasure. Versed in background check procedures all Project managers have permanent state wide school board contractor credentials. EM-385-1-1 compliant with experience in military protocol for contractors and BIM style information collection portals.



In 2015 a head line read “Central Florida: Stepping Into Deep Diversity” and they were right. Commercial buildings are popping up all over and with them a whole other strata of maintenance concerns. Security, safety, weather and rodent proofing are all concerns of the owner of a building that is storing or transferring the goods of others. Replacing purlins, girts and sheeting and even repairing structural members when necessary to restore a commercial space to it’s intended use. Safety and health audits bring with them handrails and metal trim replacement. If your metal building or commercial space is in need of repair or just a change we can help. Roof Top Equipment installation, Roof access ladders, safety equipment and building repairs. We are your one stop shop.

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