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About Springer Peterson Fabrication

Springer-Peterson Fabrication is a Division of Springer Peterson Roofing and Sheet Metal Inc. A family owned business in the Lakeland area for over 35 years. Springer-Peterson Fabrication was born of the necessity for roof related architectural metals, curbs and various other fabricated items. As an ANSI/SPRI accredited shop we continue to provide innovative fabricated solutions to their many unique challenges, but that was the beginning. Since 1981 Springer-Peterson Fabrication has taken on a life of it’s own, building relationships with central Florida business , property and home owners to help them more comprehensively maintain and protect their investments in our communities. Today as we head in to the future of Springer-Peterson Fabrication we continue to provide fabrication and installation services to contractors, consultants, designers, engineers and owners of businesses and homes both big and small. We will continue to maintain the standard of quality and integrity that we are founded on ((built from)) and look forward to another 35 years serving our community as a quality custom fabrication and maintenance resource.

About Springer Peterson Fabrication

Certifications and Qualifications

When you do many things there are many things to know. Our people bring skill sets from all across the spectrum of metal work and many things related to it. All of our field foremen are OSHA 10 and current First Aid CPR. Per individual there is a list of past and present certifications that would be a publication in itself. Adherence to a variety of standards is in and of itself a top notch training program. Here is a short list of the folks that keep us in line. AWS (American Welding Society) , ANSI (American National Standards Institute), ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers), OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) , USACE (United States Army Corp of Engineers) ccc

On the inside of the office is an equally formidable force of project managers, estimators, CAD technicians, and Inventors. Always looking to better ourselves and our services continuing education is a focus. 10 Hr NRCA Fall Protection, OSHA 30, AS Auto Cad technician, PMPIT, CCM and CGC are a few of our accomplishments with team members pursuing LEED AP, CWI, and other reputable industry certifications and licensure our commitment to staying at the forefront is what sets us apart.



“If you are dreaming of your work you are working too hard, if you are working at your dream you can’t work hard enough.”
We are always looking for the next generation to carry on the crafts that make invention from imagination possible. There is not always on off the shelf solution. If you like to be challenged and learn new things, won’t rest until you have mastered something that you are determined to learn then Springer Peterson Fabrication is where you want to be and maybe one of these job descriptions is for you.

Our team


Jay Moyer

Fabrication Division Manager
[email protected]

Jay started his welding career back in 1989. He worked for one company for 26 years with the last 16 years serving as the superintendent. Jay earned what they call Gold Watch status for being a loyal employee for 25+ years.

Then, Jay and his family moved to Florida in 2015. He worked as a superintendent for a major bridge company in Tampa that make steel girder and draw bridges for the highways of Florida. Missing custom fabrication, he returned to the custom industrial world and worked as superintendent of a company doing the same line of work.

When the opportunity to join an organization that has such an honorable background arose, he was delighted to accept the Fabrication Manager role with Springer-Peterson. He noticed that the organization treats employees, family, and the community with respect. He says he found a great opportunity here and looks forward to being part of it.
Jay’s Favorite Quote
“IMPROVISE, ADAPT, OVERCOME” - Clint Eastwood / Heartbreak Ridge


Kenny Bozeman

Shop Superintendent
[email protected]

There’s nobody like Kenny! 30 years and counting. He is forthright about how grateful he is to the Springer-Peterson family for giving him this career opportunity of a lifetime. He can’t say enough good things about this amazing family that he’s had the honor to work for over the years.

Rewind to September 1990. It marked his first month at the company when he began in roofing as a helper. He learned the industry inside and out. Working in various roles, he also was a sheet metal installer. Growing up working at the mines running heavy equipment, hard work is no stranger to Kenny.

It wasn’t long until his natural talents for custom fabrication came to the forefront and a master craftsmen was born. He’s spent the last twenty-eight years in the fabrication department that started out as just a small metal shop. He began by helping to weld and build things. As one always willing to learn new trades, he continued to grow & evolve. As the Fabrication Superintendent, he does the shop drawings for the team, orders the materials needed, and much more.

Outside of work, he gushes about his wife, LeeAnn. Together for almost 40 years and married for 30, LeeAnn is a special person. They were just strangers meeting in the most random of circumstances when Kenny helped get her car out of a ditch on I-75. And the rest is history. They are proud parents to two beagles, Rusty & Chip. In his leisure time, you can find Kenny dog sledding or out bowling with LeeAnn.

Kenny is not only a veteran Springer-Peterson employee but such a significant contributor to the success of our company throughout the years!

Kenny’s Favorite Quotes

“Do right by others.” & “What goes around comes around.”


Jeremy Strickland

Estimator/Project Manager
[email protected]

There aren’t many individuals who have truly grown up in this industry but Jeremy is one of them. Born & raised in Lakeland, he was involved in his family’s roofing and home construction business from a young age alongside his father & grandfather.

Jeremy brings with him a wide range of professional experience in residential, commercial, and industrial construction trades with titles such as Estimator and Superintendent. He has also specialized in structured wiring and fiber optics in the telecommunications field. In the most recent four years, we’re pleased that Jeremy has shared his tremendous abilities with the Springer-Peterson Fabrication team as a Project Manager/Estimator. In addition, he is certified as a trainer for man lifts and telehandlers for our company.

While working at Springer-Peterson, he’s been extremely thankful for the family-like work environment and how the owners treat their employees.

Jeremy’s a real family guy who enjoys the quality time spent and memories made with his wife and five children. In his free time, he’s coaching little league baseball or watching his daughter at cheerleading, dance, or gymnastics. His most treasured hobbies are hunting and fishing.

When asked about his greatest accomplishment – it’s a simple yet important answer. Being able to provide for his family takes the top prize. He shares the advice that the less you make life about yourself, the better it gets.

We know one thing for sure, the life of our Springer-Peterson Fabrication is better with Jeremy in it! Every customer is in great hands and for that, we’re grateful.

Jeremy’s Favorite Quote -

Integrity - "Do the right thing, even when no one is looking.”

-CS Lewis

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