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Marriott International

Client Name: Springer Construction
Location: Marriot International Orlando, FL
Industry: Hospitality
Material: Structural Steel
Project Manager: John Hansen
Product or Services Provided:

Project Description

Concession Stand on the top of a Parking Garage?

Mission Possible!

Springer-Peterson Fabrication was called when the Marriott needed a concession built from scratch for the top level of their parking garage, next to a miniature golf course. Initially, we didn’t know exactly how we would approach this project. But working with relationship-based contractors where you have a proven track record makes all the difference. We have a strong, long-standing relationship with the contractor who called upon us. This brought about confidence in our abilities and what we could accomplish. Trust is critical and this is a great example of where amazing projects come to life because of it. Working with drawings and other tools, we showed what we could do within the parameters given to us.

Our task was to custom build a structural steel building to house concessions and a small waiting area outside of the mini-golf course. Our biggest hurdle with this project was how to get full size rafters and columns for a building up to the top of the parking garage. This was necessary so we could get everything up on to the deck to assemble the concession stand. With this big challenge in front of us, we understood that communications and problem-solving was going to be key. A collaborative approach with the meeting of minds was the secret sauce to this project. We met with contractors, subs, and building representatives to brainstorm a solution. Needless to say, we made it happen!

Let’s get into the details of how we as a team solved this problem. To be exact, the configuration of the existing complex, landscaping, overhead obstructions and traffic prohibited the use of a traditional crane for the delivery and erection of the materials.

This is where logistics became one of our chief obstacles to the success of this project. Since a crane was not feasible, we had to get creative for the movement of materials and equipment. Through the use of UTVs and special-designed articulating trailers, we unloaded the materials from the transportation vehicles. We carefully moved up through the garage and around the “switchback” turns when passing from one level to another and into position for erection. The next step was to put the members in place which was equally challenging. We did a careful analysis of weights of materials and load capacities of different types of equipment. By doing this analysis, we used a combination of non-traditional lifting methods to get the members in place accurately and safely.

Of particular note, everything was CAD detailed in our fabrication shop. As well, steel was all detailed and primed in our shop. This client was extremely happy with the delivered concession stand & waiting area. This addition added value to this area and definitely went above and beyond expectations. This was a very cool project to be part of and we’re grateful for the trust put in the Springer-Peterson Fabrication team!

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