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Aspyres Properties AC Benches

Client Name: Cavalier Distribution
Location: Lakeland
Industry: Institutions
Material: Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel
Project Manager: Jeremy Strickland
Product or Services Provided:

Project Description

Springer-Peterson Fabrication provides steelwork + roofing + BEST pricing. Winning combination!

This property management company contacted Springer-Peterson Fabrication for a proposal. We were selected because we ultimately could give them a proposal that just simply worked for their needs and budget. 


What we were dealing with was a building, originally constructed for room temperature dry storage warehouse space, that was being repurposed as a refrigerated beer beverage distribution center. This repurpose project required a substantial increase in refrigeration equipment. The equipment had to be mounted both hanging from the ceiling and resting on the roof above. The existing structural steel needed to be reinforced and it was also necessary to add more steel to support the new units. 


We executed the solution that the engineer recommended and this required that we use both shop and portable fabrication equipment. It also was necessary that we use a third- party crane subcontractor to set the benches. In addition, this job called for a material processing subcontractor for the galvanizing which was South Atlantic Galvanizing. A team effort to make this project successful!

We executed this solution in a few different steps. For starters, the benches, used for supporting the rooftop condensers, were created in modular sections designed to be bolted together during field installation. This all being built in Springer-Peterson's in-house fabrication shop. Then, our team had them galvanized by South Atlantic Galvanizing. Galvanizing is essentially a corrosion resistant zinc coating that prevents steel exposed to the weather from rusting. While the benches were being treated with this coating, we moved on-site where we installed all of the reinforcing steel and the supports for the ceiling mounted air handlers. 

The final step was the install of the modularized bench sections with the help of our friends at Simms Crane & colleagues with our in-house roof service department. We installed the legs at the pre-determined location where our roof service department flashed them to the existing roofing system. Our fabrication team then continued to assemble the benches on the new support legs. We had the benches and supports completely ready to have equipment installed on them by another contractor. 

There was a perfect, A+ fit when it came to the AC units fitting on the bench. The company’s owners and mechanical contractor were beyond satisfied namely on our seamless communication & coordination with the owners, mechanical contractor and engineer. They were also blown away with the quality of work the Springer- Peterson Fabrication Team delivered. This work was performed on time as promised!

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