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Hands-Free Door Knob – Solutions for a Safer Workplace

Solutions for a Safer and More Sanitary World

If we were asked to choose one word to describe our Springer-Peterson Fabrication department…it would be INGENUITY. Creating innovative solutions across a variety of industries is what we do each and every day.

Did we ever think we would find ourselves in this new “normal’ in the midst of a global pandemic? Most of us would answer “no”. Yet, we’re here in uncertain times but what’s for certain is that our businesses need to get back up and running again.

In recent months, we’ve continued to step up to the challenges and helped create solutions for a safer and more sanitary world. Businesses need to thrive again while doing everything possible to keep customers & employees healthy. As we focus on preventing the spread of COVID-19, we can’t forget about all the other common bacteria and viruses too.

Springer-Peterson Fabrication is part of the solution and has gone back to the drawing board to create a hands-free door knob attachment.

This product can be installed on existing commercial doors and gives you the option to open the door using only your foot. This not only keeps your work environment more sanitary but also comes in handy when you’re carrying a full load of supplies! A versatile product because you can open the door the normal way by turning the handle with your hand OR decide to open it with your foot!

Check out the video below on our hands-free door knob. Touchless, foot control actuator option for your existing door and works on any door and any door knob!

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